Nutre: Cilento Coast - Active Southern Amalfi


This time of dramatic social, cultural, economic change and cultural separation, as perhaps with all such eras, creates challenge and peril as well as the windows and energy for equally dramatic change. I am on a mission to experience other nourishing ways to travel and learn; providing enriching experiences for body, mind and soul.

This trip is completely sans alcohol.

On this trip in Southern Italy, just below the Amalfi Coast, we’ll discover lesser known parts frozen in time. The Cilento Coast. We’ll be based out of a magnificent villa nestled into the center of this stunningly beautiful village called Camerota.

Minus the glitter and glitz of the Costiera Amalfitana, this authentic jewel of a coastline awaits its fame. A string of craggy, sun-bleached towns, among them the popular
Agropoli, gleaming white Palinuro, and our precious home-base near the sea (Camerota and Marina di Camerota).

When it comes to its beaches, Campagna’s southern bookend boasts a combination of secluded coves and long stretches of golden sand. Greek temples like Paestum and Veglia — both astounding and without crowds. All of this, topped off with impressive daily monte e mare feasts, we’ll explore and celebrate Cilento’s unrivaled Southern charm and intense flavors. Cilento has been described as “foodie heaven” as it’s all about appreciating simple recipes that highlight the freshness of local ingredients. Some dishes, especially those that involve rich tomato sauces or rice, have trickled South from Naples. Others combine a few super-fresh ingredients to create a masterpiece of flavors. You’ll find vermicelli with anchovies and wild fennel; linguine with lemon; spaghetti with clams—pasta in this area is eaten very al dente, so expect to be served pasta with a serious ‘bite’ to it—or pesce all’acqua pazza, local fish cooked with a dash of white wine, a couple of cherry tomatoes, and a little garlic and parsley. Simplicity rules, as local cooks are convinced that fresh ingredients and a light hand yield unbeatable delicious plates. Other examples include sea bream cooked in a hard shell of salt or fish soup with mussels and scorpion fish heaped atop garlic-scented toasts that absorb the delicate fish broth.

We’ll learn the magic of how daily rituals and routines are infused in this local lifestyle with intentions to bring to ourselves and enrich our personal daily living–once back at home.

On this trip we’ll take daily walks including beach walks. We’ll meet locals and visit and cook in private homes. We’ll explore important monuments and historical sites. We’ll also take time each day to reflect, share and discuss all of our discoveries—from the inside–out. We’ll dig deeper to discover what it means to NOURISH ourselves in authentic, pure Southern Italian style.



As a maestra of authentic tours featuring Italy’s time-honored traditions, the discerning experiences that Carol Sicbaldi shares as a tour designer/tour leader – will push you to explore a life of simple pleasure, uncomplicated flavors, bucolic landscapes and architecture from a time when things were built to last. Take your pick from trekking, authentic home cooked meals, pop-up picnics and wine tastings. With over 25 years of experience, she’ll introduce you to artisans whose life’s work is dedicated to keeping their chosen crafts alive, from cheese makers to bakers, honey producers and herbalists.
With Carol, we’ll practice celebrating a simplicity long lost in most corners of the world.
Slow down, walk, and appreciate all the rhythm and flavors!

“Visiting a new town is like having a conversation. Places ask questions of you just as searchingly as you question them. And, as in any conversation,
it helps to listen with an open mind, so you can be led somewhere unexpected.

The more you leave assumptions at home, I’ve found, the better you can hear whatever it is that a destination is trying to say to you.”