Photo credit: Lucia Baldini

Although American by birth, Carol’s relationship with Italy is more than mere coincidence. In the early 1900s her grandfather made his way to the Land of Opportunity from the tiny Italian village of Villaromagnano in Piedmont. One of 17 children, Pietro Sicbaldi worked hard to buy himself a large piece of land and started a fruit tree farm. Three generations and 14 grandchildren later, Carol’s family still work this land.

Carol’s insatiable curiosity about her heritage, combined with her love of travel and languages brought her across the globe and finally to Italy to perfect her ancestor’s mother tongue and to meet Pietro’s remaining relatives; her first, second and third cousins. After many years guiding tours along the Italian peninsula, Carol made Italy her permanent home and has created, designed, and guided active foodie trips for almost two decades.

As the conductor of authentic tours of Italy’s time-honoured traditions, the discerning experiences offered by Carol’s Moveable Feasts will push you to explore a life of simple pleasure, uncomplicated flavours, bucolic landscapes and architecture from a time when things were built to last.

Carol’s adoptive home of Italy is so many things to her; there are few places where a respect for heritage and tradition runs so deep. Take your pick from trekking, authentic home cooked meals, pop-up picnics and wine tastings and she will craft a tour to your exacting requirements.

She will introduce you to artisans whose life’s work is keeping their chosen crafts alive, from cheese makers, bakers, honey producers and herbalists to farmers, chefs, artists and wine and olive oil producers. Carol’s deep understanding of the places she shares with her guests ensure an insightful foray into the pleasures of this region.

Let’s celebrate a simplicity long lost in most corners of the world. Slow down, appreciate the rhythm and flavours of a simple life; let her show you the way.

“It amazes me how much she knows about each area, guides that will give me the best excursions, the most amazing restaurants and places to stay, and the perfect way to put it all together.”